Best 8 Italian Restaurant Dubai

Best 8 Italian Restaurant Dubai

The art of Italian food has existed since some time before Italy really joined as a nation. Plans have been passed down from every age and have advanced as they move from family to family and from nation to nation. For those scanning for genuine dishes to eat up while in Dubai, here’s our manual for the best Italian cafés. Dubai offering numerous great advertising. On the off chance that there’s a nation that has aced the specialty of making carbs more attractive than you at any point thought conceivable… it must be Italy. Fortunately, Dubai has a truly decent offering of cafés from the bright locale, here’s is where you can get numerous Italian eateries. 

1. Medzo:


Situated at the pyramids Wafi, Medzo unites administration, vibe and sustenance for a beautiful eating knowledge. The stylistic theme is light and vaporous with floor-to-roof windows and streaming white curtains that lead out onto a lovely porch neglecting the Pyramids Rooftop Gardens. The staff are in all respects amicable and proficient, ceasing at tables occasionally for a little visit. The nourishment is similarly unassuming, however brilliantly tasty with pasta cooked in rich sauces and delicious fish in velvety risottos. The scallop canapés are a most loved and are presented with apple and truffle. Famous primary course top choices incorporate the child flame-broiled chicken presented with an interesting bean stew jelly and the hamburger tenderloin with sautéed garlic and spinach.

2. Capanna Nuova:

Capanna Nuova Dubai

This restaurant is very close to, this restaurant endeavor to introduce a scrumptious menu of common Italian food while showing marvelous ocean sees that will leave you in awe. You’ll have the choice of picking a personal seating plan outside, where the lively, lit up a city can really be valued. The individuals who decide on an indoor encounter will take note of that the provincial and warm connotations of the stylistic theme do in fact imitate the favoured styles of diners in Italy. Bragging an exhibit credible, signature dishes, proprietor and cook Francisco intends to safeguard the Italian pith of his plans, luring clients with an enticing variety of suppers, treats and drinks. Let the divine antipasti bait you in, be it the frittata or the Insalata. Stick around for the rich tiramisu, injected with the best espresso Capanna Nuova brings to the table.

3. Da Vinci’s:


This Italian eatery needs no acknowledgement as it is eminent all-inclusive for its healthy sustenance and sweets. Da Vinci’s have won a rundown brimming with honors as far back as its initiation. It offers Italian foods at appealing costs. You name an Italian dish and Da Vinci’s have it for you it the best quality and taste. Directly from your most loved antipasti, pizzas and pasta, new bread bins, and a ceaseless rundown of delectable pastries and wines, there is barely and extent of you leaving the café hungry. Its closeness to the universal air terminal makes the premises a convenient refueling stop for   all around the globe. 

4. Rocaco:

Rococo restaurant Dubai

Rocaco has a lot of imaginative and magnificent dishes to energize your taste buds. The faithful clients are head over heels in affection with the sustenance introductions. With delightful purple insides, especially affable servers and a lavish legitimate Italian eating background, Rococo is effectively one of the fine Italian sustenance stops in Dubai.

5. Eataly:

Eataly restaurant Dubai

If you’re looking for a hearty authentic Italian meal, there’s no higher possibility than Eataly. it’s everything your tummy may need, and more. Initially look, you’ll assume it’s simply a store with the passage of Italian ingredients, however, walk within and you’ll realize it’s additionally an edifice (with its own Nutella bar). Our favorites? attempt the cooked cheese balls, Margherita pizza pie, and also the pasta sauce with black truffles. And if there’s any house left, satisfy your appetite cravings with heat and crisp Nutella crepe.



One doesn’t get to go all the thanks to Italy captain to possess a slice of Italy. At the city Creek, the club is Casa Delaware Tapas, a country Bodega-style eating house that’s terribly like those found in the Spanish capital. Since all of their chefs hail from the European country, expect delicious and authentic Spanish dishes from geographical area to the remote area. The restaurant’s menu consists of a well-found choice of ancient Espanol food. Dish Delaware mariscos and dish Delaware Fideua area unit extremely suggested. Their dish Delaware Fideua is absolutely special as a result of it’s created by exploitation angel hair food rather than rice. Shrimp and squid make complete the dish – the distinctive toothsomeness that you simply won’t realize anyplace else in the city. it’s really indulgent to fancy sips of Espana’s ancient sangaree with hot and cold tapas whereas taking note of nice Latino music. Once you dine at Casa Delaware Tapas, you would possibly end up eager to keep there a touch longer for its superb read. The eating house overlooks the city Creek that’s filled with ships docked at the pier. This may provide you with additional traveller feels.

7. Scalini Restaurant:

Scalini Restaurant Dubai

Situated within the Four Seasons Resort on Jumeirah Beach Road, Scalini port brings a sample of its different heritage from London and Italy to the UAE. providing a tangible encounter, the restaurant  highlights excellent, modern insides; a committed parlor zone total with the simplest mixology; a displayed room together with seductive, intuitive cookery consultants and an out of doors construction for the people United Nations agency lean toward their dinners within the open. With Associate in Nursing attention on the simplest quality fixings, cookery consultants arrange a big range of the beautiful dishes before purchasers, creating a genuinely one among a sort domain. initial opened in London in 1988, Scalini tense home to Associate in Nursing A-rundown following owing to its valid and appealing ambience served within reach its prestigious food. Scalini port may be a characteristic development of the entrenched whole, maintaining the attractiveness of the primary scene with an original and energizing new extension.

8.  Best place for events:

ossiano restaurant dubai

Ossiano offers a state-of-the-art cookery intrigued by the sea, injected with stylish Mediterranean flavors. Visitors will savor the triumph, fine bolstering ability as they give the impression of being into eleven million liters of water that is home to 65,000 marine creatures just as sharks and stingrays. It is called Dubai’s most sentimental eating house, it shocks no one that Ossiano sees a ton of wedding recommendations than wherever else at the legendary spot, The Palm.


  • Seafood and fishes from around the region (locally sourced) and round the world with the raw bar within the middle of the eating house
  • Beverage – artistic and fashionable cocktails, a global wine list with stress on French, Italian and Spanish wines, soft drinks and a large choice of brew by the bottle, home-brewed lemonades and freshly squeezed juice
  • Variety of totally different coffees and teas and infusions

Dubai is famous for its beauty and its lifestyle.  If you are going to spend your occasion with your families or friends, then your right choice in Dubai. If it comes to food, Dubai is about too interesting to think. Dubai is one of the foodie’s little heaven. Because Dubai has a lot of restaurants to enjoy your food. Must visit and enjoy your occasion on Dubai.

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